Support Mallows Bay as the next marine sanctuary

[box]At its core, smart growth is making good choices about where and how we grow. As much as that means walkable urban places, it also means preserving natural spaces in and around our bustling region.

Mallows Bay, about 40 miles south of DC on the Potomac River, is home to marine and bird life and nearly 200 historic shipwrecks dating to the Civil War. Now, there’s a chance to designate a Mallows Bay-Potomac River national marine sanctuary. Weigh in now to support preserving this regional treasure.


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Model comments:

As a resident of the greater Washington DC region, I’m writing to express my support for designating a Mallows Bay – Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary. I support Alternative D.

I support NOAA’s Alternative D because it includes many more public access points to waters within the sanctuary boundaries, greater ecological variety for educational goals, and more opportunities for tourism and scientific research. It also includes the town of Indian Head, where the attention from a marine sanctuary could spur needed revitalization, for example through a visitors center.

Thank you for your consideration,

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