Abundant Housing Options

Providing housing options that meet people’s needs across a range of ages, incomes, and family sizes is essential to an inclusive and economically prosperous D.C. region. 

Building more housing near transit, expanding the variety of housing choices available, and preserving and building affordable housing will allow us to meet our region’s growing housing needs while creating sustainable, diverse, and thriving communities.

Allow a variety of housing options

The demand to live in walkable, transit-connected communities near Metro stations is high. This and recurring opposition to infill development have led to too little supply and high prices for homes near transit. 

Allowing a wider variety of housing options near transit and commercial corridors increases the supply of needed housing and will help bring down housing prices and create more equitable access for households of different incomes, ages, and family sizes.

Preserve and build affordable housing

Even with abundant housing options, additional policies are needed to help us bridge the gap where housing costs are too expensive for working families and people on fixed incomes. Preserving existing affordable housing and building new affordable housing ensures everyone has access to safe, affordable housing, provides economic opportunity for all, reduces the risk of displacement, and supports diverse, vibrant communities,

Latest Happenings

Take Action: Don’t weaken Gov. Moore’s affordable housing bill

Gov. Moore’s Housing Expansion and Affordability Act proposes easing restrictions on new affordable, mixed income housing near transit and on government and non-profit lands. But newly proposed amendments in the House of Delegates Committee on Environment and Transportation would weaken the impact of this important bill. The vote on these amendments will take place Thursday afternoon.

Take Action: Delegates need to hear from us—don’t fund a tool to block affordable housing

Email your delegates today to tell them that we should use public funds to implement effective, targeted strategies like those identified by the workgroup to make the planning process more equitable and accessible—not to fund another potential obstacle to affordable housing.

Testimony: Faith Housing ZTA 24-01 (Montgomery County, Support)

The main objectives of this ZTA in our view are: 1) to meet our county’s housing need by providing an additional, affordability-focused pathway to build more housing; and 2) to reduce the existing barriers to qualifying institutions who seek to build housing. With that in mind, we believe the ZTA could even more successfully achieve these goals if projects were approved through the site plan approval process rather than the conditional use approval process. 

Testimony: Housing Expansion and Affordability Act of 2024 (MD, Support with Amendments)

SB 484 would open up more opportunities to build needed housing, overcoming impediments for both market-rate and affordable home construction. We support this bill but suggest two amendments to strengthen it.

Testimony: SB 1123, School Facilities and Public Safety Surcharges and Report – Sunset Extension (Prince George’s, Support)

We want to express our strong support for SB 1123, which would extend the current 50% reduced school facilities surcharge for multifamily housing projects located close to Metro and MARC stations. It also states that Purple Line stations can receive the same treatment by the governing body of the county.