TAKE ACTION: Support Metro funding – email your elected officials!

Join the Coalition for Smarter Growth in supporting dedicated funding to close Metro’s funding gap! Metro is the backbone of our region’s economy and transportation system. However, materials inflation, labor costs tied to inflation, lack of dedicated funding, and the gradual return to the office have accelerated structural funding issues. 

Metro faces a $750 million annual budget gap but has identified $100 million+ in savings. Failure to close the remaining gap will mean a doomsday budget:

  • Cutting 50% of the bus lines
  • Closing 10 stations
  • Closing rail each night at 10pm
  • Fare increases as high as 25%

This will only bring traffic gridlock, people losing jobs because they’ve lost their transportation, and more air and climate pollution.

Metro and other transit funding should be a top regional priority, and the region has just a short time to identify the funding. 

Here’s how YOU can take action to support the funding Metro needs:

If you live in Washington, D.C.: email the Mayor and the County Council

If you live in Maryland:

  1. Email your local elected officials
  2. Email Governor Wes Moore and your state legislators

If you live in Virginia:

  1. Email your local elected officials
  2. Email Governor Youngkin and your state legislators

That’s it! If you can, we’d also appreciate your donations to CSG. We’re leading the campaign to save Metro by working with coalition partners, pressing elected officials, and rallying the public. But to save Metro, we need your help! Individual donations from supporters like you make up over 30% of our funding. Fund our team so we can fight to fund Metro.

Thanks for all you do!