CSG in the News: Metrobus Gets Low Marks For Speed And Schedule Reliability

by Jordan Pascale, WAMU | 

For a month, Metrobus has been under the microscope. MetroHero, an app created by local transit enthusiasts to help track trains and buses, partnered with the Coalition for Smarter Growth to examine routes for speed and reliability. Now the Metrobus Report Card is out and the results are not good. The group gave Metrobus a “D” grade.

Stewart Schwartz and Cheryl Cort of the Coalition for Smarter Growth said they want to use the results to advocate for more traffic signal prioritization, among other measures, to speed buses up and keep them running on time.

“The bus performance scores aren’t great, but it’s our hope that our findings spark more action on dedicated bus lanes and other bus improvements,” Schwartz said.

The report says more riders will take the bus if service is reliable, trip times are predictable and buses come frequently.

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