ACTION: Ensure transit survives the pandemic!

Transit ridership and revenue have plummeted due to people sheltering at home during the ongoing public health crisis. At the same time, transit has continued to serve our essential workers. Transit is also essential to the restoration of economic activity and to fighting the next big challenge, climate change. 

There are two actions Congress can take — one will save transit right now and the second will ensure we build a more sustainable world by putting transit first in the next 6-year federal transportation bill.

  Email your Senators and Representatives today to support federal transit funding!

First, transit agencies nationally need $32 billion in emergency operating funds to cover the collapse in fare revenue, maintain service, prevent service disruption, and provide health safety. The current funding provided by the CARES Act will only keep many transit agencies running until September.

Second, last week the House approved the INVEST Act (6-year reauthorization) — transformative legislation which emphasizes access, equity, and climate when considering transportation projects, all of which relate to smarter growth. The bill prioritizes repair and maintenance over building new roads, addresses safety for vulnerable road users, and most importantly, increases funding for transit and passenger rail. This is a refreshingly progressive approach to transportation policy, so take action today!

Email your Senators and Representatives today to call for $32 billion in transit relief and for Senate support for the INVEST Act.

Public transit can survive and even thrive with these crucial pieces of legislation. For more information on these pieces of legislation, visit our website. Make your voice heard and contact your Congressional representatives today!