Ward 2 Comp Plan Roundtable Nov. 19 at 7 pm

Have your say at the Ward 2 Comp Plan Roundtable


As a Ward 2 resident, you have a special opportunity to voice your support for the critical amendments to the DC Comprehensive Plan. On Nov. 19 at 7 pm, Ward 2 Councilmember Brooke Pinto is holding a roundtable to hear from you. 

Sign up here for the roundtable so you can express your support for the Comp Plan update.

Let Councilmember Pinto know you support the Comp Plan update without delay because:

  • It sets a goal of 15% affordable housing in each part of the city, and increased housing around transit nodes. The plan specifically calls for 1,850 more affordable homes in the Near Northwest Planning Area (mostly Ward 2) by 2025.
  • It makes key changes to outdated and exclusionary land use policies. 
  • It gives residents more sustainable and affordable transportation options by enabling more compact, mixed-income housing near transit.
  • It incorporates priority policies for dedicated transit and bicycle lanes, Vision Zero, and prioritized pedestrian access.
  • It discourages too much vehicle parking, and focuses on developments designed to enhance walking and bicycling. 

These changes to the Comp Plan are long overdue. Let Councilmember Pinto know that her constituents want to pass this progressive update to the Comp Plan as soon as possible. 

If you haven’t already, be sure to send letters to Chairman Mendelson and the DC Council urging them to adopt the Comp Plan update this year. 

For more background, check out our webpage. You can also use our model letter or these tips for talking points to prepare your comments.

Don’t miss the chance to let Councilmember Pinto know you want her to support a more equitable and sustainable city by passing the Comp Plan update without delay. 

Pictured: The Liz, a mixed use, mixed income development in Ward 2. Photo credit: C. Cort