Our 2022 Year In Review!

You may be wondering what it is we do with your donations. Well, you can get the detailed rundown by reading our Annual Report. But if you’re in a rush, here’s a summary:

Fighting climate change:

  1. We won a historic vote at the region’s Transportation Planning Board to reduce emissions from transportation by 50% below 2005 levels by 2030.
  2. Our “On the Wrong Road” report helped win more transit, walk, and bike projects in the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority’s 6-Year plan.

Winning inclusive, transit-accessible housing:

  1. We won the Thrive 2050 General Plan in Montgomery County for more housing, affordable housing, transit, and transit-oriented communities.
  2. We won Dance Loft on 14th with 101 apartments combining deeply affordable homes and family-sized units with a home for Dance Loft’s community arts and cultural center.
  3. We won approval of the Silver Spring Downtown Plan for more housing, pedestrian and bicyclist safety, and a better tree canopy
  4. With AIM, we won affordable housing above a new Chevy Chase Library in Montgomery County.
  5. With Ward3Vision, we won the approval of the Chevy Chase Small Area Plan, for a main street which prioritizes a diversity of new homes, especially affordable homes.
  6. We won approval of the Huntington Metro station plan in Fairfax.

Working for better transit: 

  1. With our Montgomery Better Buses coalition, we won the Ride On Reimagined Study for redesign of Ride On and Metrobus routes. 
  2. Thanks to our MetroNow coalition, the WMATA bus network redesign study is underway. 

Fighting for safer streets for people: 

  • With CASA, we got VDOT’s attention to creating Safer Streets for Bailey’s Crossroads, but they have to do much more!
  • We won VDOT commitment to lowering the speed limit on Richmond Highway (Route 1) to 35 mph. 

And that’s just from this year! As shown, we may only be six people but we do a lot! But our successes are only possible because of you, our generous donors and dedicated supporters.