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Montgomery for All February Meeting: Updates on Missing Middle in NoVA and Attainable Housing in MoCo

Join us virtually as we hear from some fantastic speakers about what’s happening in the DC suburbs to re-legalize duplexes, triplexes, and other small multifamily buildings.

Webinar: Reducing climate pollution and promoting affordable transportation choices

Join us to learn about how this legislation will align Maryland’s transportation plans with its climate targets and expand access to affordable transportation choices – transit, walking, biking, and housing near jobs/services.

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Testimony: Performance Oversight for the Department of Housing and Community Development and Housing Production Trust Fund (DC)

We wish to express our strong support for the HPTF, and urge the Council to remain committed to this essential tool for addressing our acute housing affordability challenges. Without it, we would be so much farther behind, leaving thousands of families without the homes they now enjoy. DC’s strong commitment to preserving and producing affordable housing is one of the leading efforts in the country. While our housing affordability challenges are severe, the HPTF provides irreplaceable capacity to address our needs. 
RELEASE: Close the Metro Funding Gap!

RELEASE: Close the Metro Funding Gap!

Today, the WMATA Board met to review a new FY25 proposed budget. The "Fund Metro!" coalition released the following statement.

RELEASE: 18 Group Statement re Metro: Close the Gap!

We thank the jurisdictions for proposing $480 million in additional funding for each of the next two years to help close WMATA's FY25 and FY26 operating gap. But we urge our elected leaders to do more to reduce and even close the entire gap. Failure to close the entire gap will still mean some service cuts, fare hikes, impact on the workforce, and delays in the capital program.

CSG in the News: A law to get climate and transportation on the same page in Maryland

Maryland estimates it must invest about $1 billion a year in measures to quickly reduce planet-warming pollution to safe levels, which will provide benefits like lower energy costs and less flooding for its residents. However, if the state simultaneously spends billions in public funds on highway expansion, that makes it harder to achieve those climate goals. That problem is what the Maryland Transportation and Climate Alignment Act (TCA) aims to address – making sure transportation projects do not worsen climate pollution and giving people options to travel more affordably and sustainably.

Testimony: NHP Elm Gardens Redevelopment (DC, Support)

We wish to express our strong support for Case No. 23-19. We are pleased to support this Planned Unit Development (PUD) to facilitate a tenant and non-profit-led redevelopment of an aging 36-unit rental apartment building into a new, 4-story 100% affordable, accessible 80-unit building. These units would include 36 replacement units and 44 new homes. The 44 new units would serve households earning 50% MFI or less. Eight units in the building would be reserved as permanent supportive housing to formerly unhoused people.