CSG in the News: Prince George’s council pulls ‘Machiavellian’ zoning bill after uproar

By Daniel Wu, September 16, 2022, the Washington Post

“A bill critics slammed as a power grab aimed at wresting influence from a liberal bloc poised to comprise a new majority on the Prince George’s County Council was pulled Thursday after widespread backlash, even as another controversial measure squeaked through.”

“The [zoning] overhaul was roundly praised by the county council upon its adoption. [Council Member] Glaros was alarmed when [Council Member] Franklin and [Council Member] Hawkins proposed a raft of zoning bills late last month and early this month that threaten to undermine its impact, she wrote in an email newsletter.”

“The inclusion of CB-91 with those bills was “an extra Machiavellian move,” Cheryl Cort, policy director for the nonprofit Coalition for Smarter Growth, wrote to The Washington Post. Had they all passed, CB-91′s supermajority requirement would have solidified the outgoing county council’s final zoning amendments, passed under a lower burden.”