Take Action: ask for sustainable transportation in Northern VA

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) has funded over $5 billion in transportation investments in our region. These include some great projects – bus rapid transit (BRT), complete streets, transit access – but far too many of the funds continue to go to widening roads and building interchanges, fueling ongoing auto-dependent sprawl and pollution in our region.

Ask for more sustainable, effective and equitable transportation improvements in NVTA’s 6-Year program of project funding – and less highway and arterial widening that is self-defeating and will fail our greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Submit a comment via NVTA’s feedback form or sign up to speak in person or via Zoom.
Deadline to sign up or submit comments is Wed, Jan 10 at 5pm
Public hearing is on Thurs, Jan 11 at 7pm. 

Below is some additional information that you can use in your comments.

Did you know that

  • NVTA’s long-range plan TransAction does not lower greenhouse gas emissions or commit to meeting regional climate goals.
  • NVTA plans increase per-person driving, meaning each Northern Virginia resident will have to drive more miles on average just to access basic services and jobs. In some counties, driving on arterial roads increases 2 to 3 times faster than population growth
  • 56% of NVTA regional funds to date have gone to highway and road capacity expansion projects despite decades of research showing that congestion returns – and people end up having to drive more – due to induced demand when highways are widened.

The Coalition for Smarter Growth applauds: 

  • NVTA’s Regional Bus Rapid Transit System plan under development.
  • The agency’s Technology Strategic Plan, which recommends developing “pricing mechanisms that manage travel demand and provide sustainable travel options” and reduce the amount of car travel required for each trip.
  • A number of worthwhile projects funded for transit, safer walking and biking, and local complete street grids. Route 1 BRT in Fairfax, new local street connections to Silver Line stations, and pedestrian safety improvements in Falls Church, are just a few examples.  

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