Take Action: Support affordable housing, retail, parks, and more in Takoma Park

Take action to support recommendations for a mix of housing types, improved bike and pedestrian connections, and more in Takoma Park!

The Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment includes the former site of the Washington Adventist Hospital and a portion of Maple Avenue. The plan will support a walkable, well-connected community with improved access to parks and the potential for new retail and amenities. 

Tell the Council: Support housing and walkability in Takoma Park

The Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment is organized around three themes: building a reimagined, reconnected, and resilient community. Key recommendations in the plan include:

  • Updating the zoning of the former Adventist Hospital site to allow for future housing and retail development
  • Improving sidewalks 
  • Expanding the network of bikeways
  • Preserving and improving access to parks, trails, and open spaces
  • Adopting more flexible mixed-use zoning throughout the plan area
  • Building climate resilience through better stormwater management, street tree canopy coverage, and more

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