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DC: Proposed Changes to Parking Regulations

At the time that our city instituted its zoning code in 1958, urban planners of the era, including Harold Lewis, who wrote the new zoning plan for the city, envisioned a very different future. The Lewis plan cited the need to require off-street parking for all new development hoping for“…the eventual removal of curb parking and the subsequent freeing of the traffic arteries.”

Update to D.C.’s 1958 Zoning Code for Parking Offers Better Choices for Residents and Commuters

The location, amount and pricing of parking directly affects driving habits, traffic congestion, air quality, and the urban fabric of our city. Tonight’s public hearing before the D.C. Zoning Commission provides the opportunity to voice support for the Office of Planning’s proposed comprehensive reform of parking regulations. The proposed changes protect walkable historic neighborhoods, promote transit-oriented development, help make new housing more affordable, and help improve commuting conditions for all.

Virginia: Draft State Rail Plan

Earlier there was mention of the traffic trying to get to the Fairfax County Government Center for tonight’s hearing. This points out that our transportation problems are more truly land use problems–the result of poor land use planning. I am certain that the current Fairfax Board would not have placed the Government Center where it is today and would have linked it directly to a future Metrorail station.

Grade Inflation Hits Governor O’Malley’s Environmental Ranking

Reacting to today’s release of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters’ Mid-Term Governor’s Report Card ranking on transportation and environmental issues, some conservation groups see grade inflation.

WalkScore Ranks DC In Top 10 Most Walkable Cities

Today released its national rankings of the most walkable and unwalkable communities in the United States, highlighting the District of Columbia’s neighborhoods as the 7th most walkable city in the country.