All About Thrive #5: Thrive, more housing options, and safe streets are all popular

Recent Data for Progress polls about Thrive 2050constructing new homes, and redesigning roads for safety over speed showed majority support for all three

These questions didn’t beat around the bush. They asked likely Democratic voters directly if they would support construction of new homes, including duplexes, townhomes, and/or apartments, in their own neighborhood. 61% said yes.

When asked if they would support constructing more frequent crosswalks, adding bike lanes, adding bus-only lanes, installing street trees, and narrowing travel lanes to reduce speeding on roads with high injuries and fatalities, a whopping 76% said yes.

Graphic data from recent Data for Progress polls of likely Montgomery County Democratic voters.
Graphic data from recent Data for Progress polls of likely Montgomery County Democratic voters

Despite these being some of the most contentious issues that we tackle in local politics, the Data for Progress polls show that smart growth policies enjoy widespread support. The voices of opposition that local elected officials often hear are not necessarily representative of the general population.

New Thrive 2050 survey

The Montgomery County Council is working with consultants to inform the development of Thrive 2050, and they’d like to hear from you. Participation in the survey below takes less than 10 minutes and your responses are strictly confidential. Upon completing the survey, you have a chance to enter to win a $10 or $50 gift card.

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This second round of engagement will focus on outreach to Black, Indigenous, other residents of color, and low-income residents. Input gathered from this round of engagement will be used to develop a new racial equity and social justice (RESJ) chapter and a full RESJ review of the plan. 

In case you missed it…

  • Watch our Diverse Neighborhoods webinar: Watch the recording. Learn about how the right policies can allow neighborhoods to grow in a way that support racial and economic diversity. Featuring presentations by Dr. Tracy Hadden Loh (Brookings Institution), Dr. Ben Kraft (Montgomery Planning), LaToya Thomas (Housing Association of Nonprofit Developers).
  • Read about why a young professional supports Thrive 2050: Check out the op-ed. Michael DeLong, President of Montgomery County Young Democrats and Montgomery for All member, wrote in Bethesda Beat about how his condo search illustrates the struggle of home buying for young professionals in Montgomery County.