Fairfax and Arlington County 2023 Election Resources

The Democratic primary for both Fairfax and Arlington Counties is coming up on June 20th! The general election will be November 5th. Make sure you have the latest resources* on where the candidates stand on all things smart growth and a plan to vote! Please note that while our candidate questionnaires focus on County Board candidates, there are also candidates for State Senate, House of Delegates, Commonwealth Attorney and Sheriff on the ballot.

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors 

In Fairfax County, the entire Board of Supervisors and the Chairman will be voted on this year. For the primary, voters are selecting the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and their district’s supervisor, if they have a Democratic challenger. The Mason District notably has four Democratic candidates vying for the nomination. There is no Republican primary. Winners from the primary will be on the ballot for the general election in the fall. 

Candidate Questionnaire

The Fairfax Healthy Communities network developed a non-partisan questionnaire for candidates running for Chairman and Supervisor seats. With this one questionnaire, candidates were invited to share their experiences and positions related to the four key components of our shared platform: (1) Housing for All, (2) Sustainable Transportation, (3) Climate Mitigation, Resilience, and Green Spaces, and (4) Food Security.

Fairfax Healthy Communities Platform

Our platform calls on all candidates for office in Fairfax County to commit to building a prosperous, equitable, and sustainable future for everyone in the county. We ask that candidates uphold OneFairfax, advocate for an equitable county, and prioritize new growth and development towards creating walkable, mixed-use, mixed-income communities close to transit that will improve equitable access to opportunities, reduce reliance on driving, and improve environmental and social outcomes.  

For more information on when and where to vote, visit Fairfax County’s election website

Arlington County Board

This year, Arlington voters will be selecting two new members to the County Board. There are six  Democrats running in the primary for County Board. All candidates are at-large. 

Candidates Forum Recording

This forum offered candidates for the Arlington County Board to share their ideas and proposals for addressing pressing environmental issues related to climate change, sustainable development, and decarbonization of transportation and other issues in the Arlington community. CSG partnered with event organizer EcoAction Arlington along with other co-sponsors Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions, Nature Forward, Leaders in Energy, and the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust.

Candidate Questionnaire

Additionally, CSG, EcoAction Arlington, and the other event co-sponsors asked each of the candidates vying for Arlington County Board seats to complete a questionnaire offering their position on climate change and sustainable development.

For more information on when and where to vote, visit Arlington County’s election website.

*These resources are intended solely for public education. As a 501(c)3 organization, CSG does not endorse or work on behalf of any candidate for office.