Testimony in Support for Zoning Commission nominee Robert E. Miller

Testimony before the Hon. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson
Committee of the Whole

Support for
Zoning Commission Robert E. Miller

by Cheryl Cort, Policy Director
September 19, 2012

Please accept my testimony on behalf of the Coalition for Smarter Growth. My organization works to ensure that transportation and development decisions in the Washington D.C. region accommodate growth while revitalizing communities, providing more housing and travel choices, and conserving our natural and historic areas.

We wish to express our support for Robert Miller to be confirmed as a Zoning Commission member. I have personally worked with Rob through several Council chairs and have always found him to be respectful of input from D.C. residents, thoughtful and diligent in his analysis, and deeply committed to making D.C. a better place for all of its residents to live and work.

I have had the opportunity to work with Rob on a number of issues related to affordable housing, inclusionary zoning, public land redevelopment issues, improving walking access to Eastside Metro stations, and the drawn-out process of the Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted by the Council in 2006 after two years of task force work. I served as the Ward 1 representative to the task force.

I am aware that prior to my work with Rob, which began in the early 2000s, he had assisted the D.C. Council Chairman since 1985, working for and with D.C. residents and activists. He has also served as the D.C. representative to the National Capital Planning Commission,and other relevant bodies such as the Council of Governments and the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation.

Rob has a deep understanding of D.C. land use policy and law. He understands how the city relates to its federal partners – two of whom sit on the Zoning Commission. More importantly, Rob has a wealth of experience interacting with and engaging the public for more than 20 years. His long experience and perspective will serve D.C. residents well. His knowledge and ability to work with the full spectrum of D.C. residents will also make him an ideal commissioner who can listen and learn. This experience allows him to offer his sound judgment to decisions that affect the future of our city and neighborhoods. I reiterate our enthusiastic support for Rob Miller as a D.C. Zoning Commission.

Thank you for your consideration.