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Better Buses for Prince George’s

Better Buses for Prince George’s

The Bus 028 photo courtesy of Prince George’s Department of Public Works and Transportation

On July 20, 2021, local and regional bus experts, along with stakeholders discussed where we are and where we want to be with Prince George’s bus service.

View the event recording on YouTube.

Speaker presentations: 

Anthony Foster, Chief, Transit Planning, Prince George’s County Department of Public Works & Transportation

James Hamre, Director, Office of Bus Planning and Scheduling, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

John Hillegass, Manager, Regional Mobility & Infrastructure, Greater Washington Partnership

This event was co-sponsored by: RISE Prince George’s, Coalition for Smarter Growth, and MetroNow.

RISE Prince George’s 5/18/21 event with Angie Rodgers

RISE Prince George’s 5/18/21 event with Angie Rodgers

On May 18, 2021, RISE Prince George’s convened a virtual event to discuss the future of housing & economic development in the County. The talk was titled: “We can’t have quality economic development without affordable housing: so how do we get it all?” with:

Angie Rodgers, Prince George’s Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Economic Development, and Scott Nordheimer, Co-Founder and Senior Advisor, Urban Atlantic (lead developer at the New Carrollton Metro Station) 

View the recording of the event on Youtube.

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RISE Prince George’s event with Angie Rodgers – Materials

RISE Prince George’s PPT discussion of mission statement and advocacy theme

New Carrollton Station vision https://greaterwashingtonpartnership.com/capital-region-rail-vision/

Housing Opportunities for All Work Group https://pgccouncil.us/628/Housing-Opportunities-For-All-Work-Group

Housing Indicator Tool: A Dashboard for Measuring Progress Towards Meeting Regional Housing Needs

Missing Middle Housing study: to begin in FY22