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CSG comments on Ride On Reimagined

A majority of riders also specifically identified more frequent service as a higher priority for them than shorter distances to bus stops: “When given the choice, most prefer shorter waits between buses more than they want shorter walks to the bus stop.”

For this reason and according to Ride On Reimagined’s own survey data we believe that frequent bus service should be a higher priority than on-demand (Flex) service. Plans for future bus service should reflect the fact that a majority of riders have identified frequency as their top priority.

Event Materials: CSG & WMATA webinar on the Visionary Bus Network

With your input, Metro has created a draft Visionary Network, the future bus network the region needs. This virtual “Lunch and Learn” webinar is a great opportunity to hear from project leaders from the Better Bus team and learn about all the ways you can give your feedback!

CSG Letter on Better Bus Visionary Network Redesign

Among the many changes proposed in the draft Visionary Network, CSG would like to highlight and commend the recommendation of higher frequency bus service and increased use of dedicated bus lanes. In addition to higher frequency bus service, the Visionary Network would expand weekend, overnight, and off-peak service.

TAKE ACTION: Provide input on a visionary bus network for our region!

TAKE ACTION: Provide input on a visionary bus network for our region!

Metro has released a draft Visionary Network for the region that represents what could be accomplished if we boosted bus funding by 35% across the region: a faster, more frequent, and reliable bus network with increased weekend and 24-hour service! Your input on this visionary bus network is essential! Feedback will be used to make additional improvements to the proposal, and high engagement will show leaders across our region the urgency of funding a frequent, reliable, improved bus network.