TAKE ACTION: Support zoning for affordable housing witha new U Street police & fire station 

The Third District Police Station and Fire Station on U Street are on the path to a much needed makeover. On June 26, the DC Zoning Commission will consider upzoning this public land to match the 2021 Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map – for new residential development combined with the public uses.

Support zoning for affordable housing with a new U Street police & fire station

The rezoning proposed by the DC Office of Planning could create the potential for more than 200 affordable homes, along with much needed modern public facilities. This U Street site is close to Metro stations and major bus corridors. It’s a great place to live and have the opportunity to walk, bicycle and ride transit for just about anything you might need.

It’s also a great site for more affordable housing given high prices and loss of affordable homes in the area.

Support this rezoning for more affordable homes!

What happens after rezoning? Once new zoning is in place, the District would then conduct a competitive request for proposals to build new police and fire facilities along with affordable or mixed income housing, and potentially other uses.